Creator of Loveline on KROQ. Host of Poorman's Morning Rush Every M-F 7-10 A.M. PST KOCI-LP Radio 101.5 FM

My 1st Radio Award Ever OC Weekly Best Of 2019

Many thanks listeners of 101.5 FM KOCI Radio who have supported me presenting a unique different type of morning show Poorman’s Morning Rush and Owner Brent Kahlen giving me a radio show when no one would. I’m forever grateful to have this job!

Shocking and jocking since 1981, Jim “Poorman” Trenton doesn’t seem to know how to stop. He continues to entertain listeners, now on KOCI-FM 101.5 with Poorman’s Morning Rush; the show brings plenty of excitement. The Poorman’s aura of unpredictability—both good and bad—defines his legend!

from OC Weekly Best of 2019

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KOCI won big with Readers choice and EMO who follows my show: