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World Premiere Song Of the Day by SoCal Rum

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It may have been played on college radio but this is the first time on main stream radio. Check out all the World Premiere’s below and you can also hear them on the replay for that date.

7/3/2020 “Heat Waves” by Glass Animals

7/3/2020 Escándalo by Vilma Diaz

7/2/2020 “Giants” by Dermot Kennedy

Dermot Kennedy – Moments Passed
(This is not a World Premier, but you get to see me in the video)

6/29/2020 “Drown in My Own Tears” by The Tracks
6/29/2020 “No Way Out” by The Milwaukees
6/29/2020 “Should I Shave or let it Grow!!!!” by Klondike Karl
6/29/2020 “Image Video an SIK track!!!!” by Klondike Karl

6/24/2020 “Wet Concrete” by Flat Worms
6/24/2020 “Action” by Mesa Lanes
6/24/2020 “Bobby Pin” by Mesa Lanes

6/22/2020 “Summer” by Simpson

6/18/2020 “Alien” by Dennis Lloyd

6/12/2020 “Our Lips Are Coming Right Through” by The Chinkees

6/11/2020 “Who Do You Dance For” by Patron

6/10/2020 “Farrah Mantra” by Dan Luke & the Raid

6/8/2020 “Can We Kiss Forever?” by Kina Feat. Adriana Proenza

6/2/2020 “Young And Dumb” by Violet Saturn

6/2/2020 “Around The Sun” by Poolside

6/1/2020 “Sweetest Life” by Violet Saturn

5/29/2020 “Love Song” by Banned from Japan

5/28/2020 “Offshoot” by Spendtime Palace

5/27/2020 “Slugger” by Milk Flud

5/25/2020 “Things Are Going Too Good” by Walter Etc.

5/22/2020 “Night and Blur” by The Bilinda Butchers

5/21/2020 “White Lies” by Walter Etc.

5/13/2020 “Wrong Gong” by The Octopus Project

5/4/2020 “Martin” by Car Seat Headrest
5/4/2020 “Hollywood” by Car Seat Headrest

5/1/2020 “Brother” by Meat Wave

4/29/2020 “Into Ashes” by Welles

4/24/2020 “Christine” by Christine And The Queens

4/21/2020 “Twist” by Naked Giants

4/20/2020 “Stitchin’ the Seams” by Spendtime Palace

4/17/2020 “Too Much Money” by Automatic

4/16/2020 “The Man Who Sold The World” by Celeste Caramanna (*Might be World Premier)
4/16/2020 “Karma Chameleon” by H1 (*Might be World Premier)

4/14/2020 “Blood And Rockets” by The Claypool Lennon Delirium (*Not a World Premier)

4/13/2020 “Lettuce Like This” by Thaddeus

4/10/2020 “Eternal Summer” by The Strokes

4/9/2020 “Sad Happy” by Circa Waves

4/8/2020 “Energy Gone Wrong” by Spider

4/6/2020 “Truckers Song” by The Forty Nineteens

4/3/2020 “Metaphor” by Mt. Eddy

4/2/2020 “5 Seconds of Summer” by Teeth

4/1/2020 “Murder Most Foul” by Bob Dylan (with 2,220,802 views as of right now it may no be WPSOD)

3/31/2020 “Song Of The South” by Breaking Circus

3/26/2020 “Houseplants” by Squid

3/25/2020 “Big” by Fontaines D.C.
(Bonus to make up for yesterdays poorbrain)
3/25/2020 “Boys In The Better Land” by Fontaines D.C.

3/24/2020 Oooops! I Forgot to play one (not a WPSOD)

3/23/2020 “Sweetest Life” by Violet Saturn

3/20/2020 “Boomerang” by Rozwell Kid

3/19/2020 “Men Like Pie” by Nu Beams

3/18/2020 “Farrah Mantra” by Dan Luke And The Raid

3/17/2020 “A Fathers Song” by Jed McCoy – Irish Folk Singer (My Girlfriends Son, Connor McCrory’s Grandfather)

3/16/2020 “Wag Your Tail” by Okey Dokey & Welles

3/13/2020 “Pumpin” by The Jetties

3/12/2020 “Stumptown Summer Heartthrob” by Walter Etc.

3/11/2020 “Black Snake, Mojave Blues” by Balto
Thank You Emo

3/10/2020 “Sports” by Viagra Boys

3/9/2020 “Freaks” by Surf Curse

3/6/2020 “Apparatus” by Ocampo & Ocampo + Watt
3/6/2020 “Better Than A Dirt Nap” by Ocampo & Ocampo + Watt

3/5/2020 “Petty Crime” by Vundabar

3/4/2020 “Sober to Death” by Car Seat Headrest

3/3/2020 “The Time Before Safety” by Tastee Nuggz

3/2/2020 “Journey” by Eureka Sound

2/28/2020 “Water Me Down” by Vagabon

2/27/2020 “So Much Stress” by Plastic Culture

2/26/2020 “We Have To Move On” by Inhaler

2/25/2020 “Sterile Swab” by Nu Beams

2/24/2020 “Hollow Floors” by Thunder Gut

2/21/2020 “El Coo Cooi” by Voodoo Glow Skulls

2/20/2020 “Fences” by Destroy Boys

2/19/2020 “Petty Crime” by Vundabar

2/18/2020 “I Just Cut My Surf Finger” by Los Surfer Compadres

2/14/2020 “Love Curse” by Moxas

2/13/2020 “Air Lock” by Phog Masheeen

2/12/2020 “Last Night” by Elesy King

2/11/2020 “Drivin’ Nails in My Coffin” by Reckless Drifters
The Reckless Drifters feature John Easdale, Annette Zilinskas, Clem Burke, Frank Infante, Mark Englert, Beck Black & Sylvain Black. The latest release arrives on Valentine’s Day, but you can pre-order it now on iTunes
The Reckless Drifters #2 – Single

2/10/2020 “Dancing In The Dark” by Sophia Rabin (CdM High School Student!)

2/7/2020 “Another Day” by Derek Day

02/6/2020 “Tetra” by Chooter Beatz

2/5/2020 “Anchors Aweigh” by The Effects

2/4/2020 “Space Mosquito” by Los Straitjackets

2/3/2020 “Small Hours” by Trends

1/31/2020 “I’m Listening” by Perfection

1/30/2020 “Song For Me” by Greer

1/29/2020 “You Dig Yours” by Starcrawler

1/28/2020 “The Good Works Of Cyrus” by Pixies

1/27/2020 “Rock N Roll” by Welles

1/24/2020 “Beautiful” by Patrick Nolan & Perfection (and another repeat, sorry folks)

1/23/2020 “Cattywampus” by Destroy Boys (Whoops I did it again… it was played once before)

1/22/2020 “5 To 9” by Fidlar (Whoops, It’s not the first time i played it)

1/21/2020 “$$$” by Vundabar

1/20/2020 “Ghosts” by The Side Deal

1/17/2020 “Tummy Rumblin” by Small Crush

1/16/2020 “I Love Seattle” by Tacocat
(Bonus, I had to stop it. Grumpster dropped the SH.. Bomb in their song)
1/16/2020 “Bad Seed” by Grumpster

1/15/2020 “The Cold” by Together Pangea

1/14/2020 “Don’t Want No Woman” by Golden Butter Revue
Highlights from the Golden Butter Revue Cookin’ at the Harp CD (Local OC Band)

1/13/2020 “Ice Cream Sundae” by Inhaler

1/10/2020 “Power of Love” by Plastic Culture

1/9/2020 “Planet B” by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

1/8/2020 “Hey Spaceman!” by Tracy Bryant
1/8/2020 “5 To 9” by Fidlar
(Bonus due to me cutting Dwayne off for F-Bomb in his song)
1/8/2020 “Catch and Release” by Dwayne

1/7/2020 “Method Man” by Stef Chura

1/6/2020 “Seasons” by Welles

1/3/2020 “Acetone” by Vundabar

1/2/2020 “My Kind Of Woman” by Mac Demarco

12/31/2019 “Bombshell” by Death Lens

12/30/2019 “Hunny Bunnies” by Beach Goons

12/27/2019 “Bittersweet” by Greer

12/26/2019 “I’ll Take Everything” by Reckless Ones

12/24/2019 “Blue Christmas” by Jesika Von Rabbit

12/23/2019 “All for Christmas Day” by CPR
Bonus Song
12/23/2019 “It’s Christmas Time” by Dad Brains & Ramoms–M

12/20/2019″ Chicken Noodle” Small Crush (1:05) on this Short Song Day

12/19/2019 “Tummy Rumblin” by Small Crush

12/18/2019 “Beautiful” by Perfection

12/17/2019 “Max Can’t Surf” by Fidlar

12/16/2019 “Party’s Over” by Grumpster

12/13/2019 “Tune In” by Spendtime Palace
12/13/2019 “Cattywampus” by Destroy Boys

12/12/2019 “Love Is But A Mystery” by Speedlimit
Love is But a Mystery Sung by Klondike Karl, written and preformed by SPEEDLIMIT
Bonus Song of the Day
12/12/2019 “Mama Never Told Me” by Not For Sale

Bonus World Premiere Day
12/11/2019 “Dream Boy” by Beach Bunny
12/11/2019 “Without U” by The Beach Goons

12/10/2019 “Makeup” by Sitting On Stacy

12/9/2019 “What D’you Call It” by Ultra Q

12/6/2019 “Glitter Alien” by Fox Medicine

12/5/2019 “California Sun” by Toxic Energy

12/4/2019 “Two Left Feet” by A. Charles

12/4/2019 “Laid” by Sitting On Stacy

12/3/2019 “It’s Christmas Somewhere” by Jagger Holly

12/2/2019 “I Don’t Want to be Funny Anymore” by Lucy Dacus

11/29/2019 “This is Anarchy” by TacocaT

11/28/2019 Poorman Off for Thanksgiving Show

11/27/2019 “Rollin’ In The Rain” by Creeper

11/26/2019 “Disco Is As Disco Does” by Dan Luke and The Raid

11/25/2019 Poorman Off in Seattle Rock’n Randy played Killing Joke “Eighties” (NOT A WORLD PREMIERE)

11/22/2019 “Bitter Pills” by Velvet Starlings

11/21/2019 “Dream Boy” by Beach Bunny

11/20/2019 “Hail Mary” by Skating Polly

11/19/2019 “Ripe” by The Screaming Females

11/18/2019 “If Life Ain’t Getting You High” by Velvet Starlings

11/15/2019 “Singing to my dog” by Quasimofo