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Poorman’s New Hoodie

You Too can be rocking this new Hoodie or T-Shirt

Hoodie $25 (plus S&H)

Here is how to order your T-shirt or Hoodie!
Venmo me payment at @Jim-Trenton (venmo confirmation number: 6155)
Choose Size: 2XL, XL, L, M, S
Hoodie $25 plus $5 shipping, $3 each additional hoodie
Choose T-shirt $15 plus $5 shipping, $2 each additional shirt

Don’t forget to include your Name, Shipping Address, Size, Quantity, and Phone Number

(Allow 1 Week For Delivery)

Hoodie $25 (plus S&H)
T-Shirt $15 (plus S&H)
Also available in Ladies
Also available in Ladies

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